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Welcome to Introducing: The End, where we specialize in crafting main title sequences and motion graphics that captivate and transport audiences to exciting worlds and stories.

As visual storytellers, we're deeply passionate about the art of visual storytelling and believe in pushing the boundaries of motion design and animation. We constantly seek out new visual languages to communicate the power of narrative and create artful and meaningful stories that connect with viewers.

The Squad

Our Team

Our global network of creatives, visual artists, and technologists allows us to curate bespoke teams for every project, enabling us to stay nimble on the ground while being able to produce projects of any scale with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Introducing: The End was founded by Executive Creative Director Aslan Malik and Executive Producer Jan Heinze as a passion project born from a shared love of the art of storytelling and design as expression of the human experience. We are committed to bringing back that loving feeling of artistic expression and innovation to everything we do.

Aslan Malik
Aslan Malik
Executive Creative Director
June Loo
Jan Heinze
Executive Producer
Anna Nova
Business Director
Angel Investor

What we do?

Our Services

At its core, it's all about passion – for design, for storytelling, and for the human experience. We're dedicated to bringing back the loving feeling of artistic expression and innovation in everything we do:

Title Sequences
Logo Animations & Idents
Motion Graphics
User Interfaces

Our clients create:

Feature Films
Episodical Content
Games & Cinematics
Branded Content